Operational Area



General Background

CRSD is working,at present,in Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh.It has taken up programmes and activities in three Mandals of Anantapur District, namely, Madakasira, Rolla, and Agali which lie to the extreme north-west of the district, bordering on the neighbouring State of Karnataka.

Location and General Boundaries

The district derives its name from Anantapur,its headquarters town. The district lies westernmost in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is bounded on the north by the districts of Ballary (Karnataka) and Kurnool, on the east by Kadapa and Chittoor and on the south and west by the State of Karnataka. The district forms part of the northern extremity of the Karnataka plateau and slopes from south to north. The eastern side of the district towards Kadapa is particularly hilly. The Erramalas flank its northern borders.

The total area of Anantapur district is 18,913 square kilometres and ranks third in area in the State of Andhra Pradesh. It comprises 63 Mandals which can be grouped into three natural divisions with reference to the nature of the soil. The northern part of the district has large areas of black cotton soils, the central parts of the district, comprising the erstwhile taluks of Anantapur,Kalyandrug, Rayadrug, Dharmavaram, Kadiri and Penukonda,are marked by arid,treeless expanses of poor soils and the southern parts of the district, comprising Hindupur and Madakasira areas,have comparatively.