Vision Mission



CRSD was established with two main goals:

  • To empower the rural poor, especially, Dalits and women to organise themselves around their issues and struggle for their rights.
  • To support and develop the human, material, environmental resources of these oppressed and marginalised people.


Our work has, naturally, fallen into the following areas:

  • Organising women in order to initiate and strengthen their struggle for rights, to help them to gain access to State resources and schemes, to build forums to achieve political participation, and to address the issues of gender discrimination and violence against women.
  • Organising the Dalits around their fundamental rights. Supporting the struggles against atrocities and the demands for effective implementation of SC(Schedule Castes), ST(Schedule Tribes) Prevention of Atrocities Act, 1989.
  • Working on the issue of drought through district level networks, demanding for the rural employment creation.
  • Developing replicable models in rural development programmes, such as, poverty alleviation, rural sanitation, safe drinking water, and watershed development.