Our Success Stories


A Teacher's Fulfilling Journey

I am Vasanthalakshmi from R. Anantapuram village.  I completed my graduation.  I started centre in one of our own small extra house.   Now the children are very active and confident and hey know many songs and games because we are using innovative teaching methods and aids.  Even Ms. Carolyn from USA visited my centre and appreciated the children performances.    I developed interest in teaching and love to work with children day and night.   A strong bond has evolved with the children.   Because of my interest my performance resulted in very good impact and I was promoted as a supervisor for 7 centers.   This did not slackened my interest and performance.  I never used to bother whether it is day or night but made sincere efforts to cultivate the education volunteers and molding them.   Now, I am leader of the supervisors team and in charge of monthly reviews, reporting and improvement of the education programme.     Though government offered me a school teacher’s job I declined the offer. My attachment to CRSD began when I was a child and participated in the adolescent girls training and hygiene education classes.  Now I identify with the vision of CRSD and my job is fulfilling.