Child Rights




Name of Programme

Protecting childhood and child rights


Enabling  children to continue education

The Team One fulltime coordinator and three supervisors.  There are 62 part time education volunteers.
Target Area Madakasira and Rolla two remote mandals in Anantapur District
  • Creating Sustaining interest on education through Sports, Arts and Cultural Activities

  • Conducted Children’s Mela - Annual get-together

  • Conducted Metric Mela (Maths Mela)

  • Art and Photo exhibition

  • Teaching Aids Exhibition

  • Enabling children to join mainstream schools

  • Helping the School Dropouts through Bridge Course

  • Preparing children to take public exams
  • Awareness building camps were conducted in all the villages to sensitize the parents and rural people about the imperative need for giving education to children
  • Parents Committee
  • Parent and Teacher Association Meetings

  • Learning through puppets

  • Establishing a Resource Centre

  • Providing Libraries

  • Reviving Traditional Nutritious Food Crops

Monitoring Activities
  • Regular Monthly Meetings of Education Volunteers
  • Regular Monitoring and evaluation of children’s progress

  • Monitoring visits from BTF

    (Director Ms. Carolyn from on 10th to 12th February, 2003 and again on 8th -10th February, 2004 to familiarize herself about the work of CRSD and to monitor the project)
  • A monthly bulletin in Telugu for children called “Balasangham”  


Other Educational Activities takenup under this project
  • Hygiene Awareness at School
  • Gender Sensitisation Camps

  • Exposure visit to South Africa and learnings

Outcome of the Programme The programme was successful and we could convice the dropouts to join our programme and they are now continuing their studies