Health & Hygiene




Name of Programme

Health & Hygiene


Improve Health and Hygienic Conditions in the Villages

Target Area Rolla and Madakashira Mandals of Anantapur District
  • Construction of Toilets pdf_icon.gif
  • CRSD also Campaigned and Mobilized Toilets in the non Project
  • Repairing of hand pumps pdf_icon.gif
  • Construction of Washing platforms pdf_icon.gif

  • Construction of Soak Pits pdf_icon.gif

  • Conducted Grama sabha meetings/Awareness Camps pdf_icon.gif
  • Capacitating CBOs pdf_icon.gif

  • Trainings of SHGs pdf_icon.gif

  • Meetings of the Panchayat level Federation Meetings Held pdf_icon.gif

  • Meetings of Mandal Level Network pdf_icon.gif

  • Campaign on Village Sanitation pdf_icon.gif
  • World Water Day Celebrations – 2004 pdf_icon.gif

  • Panchayat Raj Institutions Trainings pdf_icon.gif

  • Trainings to Masonry, Mechanical & Caretakers pdf_icon.gif

  • Distribution of Education Material Published by Water Aid in the Villages 

  • Involvement of Parents and Teachers Associations in the programme pdf_icon.gif

  • Teachers Training pdf_icon.gif

  • Kitchen Garden Activities pdf_icon.gif

  • Awareness through Wall Paintings pdf_icon.gif
  • Cultural Performances pdf_icon.gif

  • Meetings Held on Hygiene Education Programme pdf_icon.gif

Outcome of the Programme

Due to the improved standards of cleanliness in their homes, the incidence of diarrohea and other faucal borne diseases have come down.  So the medical costs are reduced.  They also have the good health to take up responsibilities for the social good of the community.