Land & Water Development




Name of Programme

Land & Water Development

  • To  enhance the fertility of land and its productivity and harvest rainwater so that the groundwater is recharges.   
  • to create permanent assets for the communities by taking up physical activities in common property resources and private property resources
Groups Involved Women Groups are involved in all these activities
Target Area

A.R. Roppam and E. Ramagiri villages of Anantapur District

Activities Takenup
  • CRSD has taken up Dry Land Horticulture programme in 25 acres in A.R. Roppam and E. Ramagiri villages under RWDP
  • De-siltation of Open Wells

  • Takenup Gully Control Works

  • Constructed Sub-surface Check Dam

  • Constructed Gabion Structures
  • Stream-bank stabilization

  • Sunken Ponds pdf_icon.gif

  • Farmers Training

  • Seed input support

  • Depening of open wells

  • Construction of Mini Percolations Tanks
  • Rockfill dams

  • Sunken Pits

  • Renovation of Feeder Channel

  • Continuous Contour Trench

  • Dugout ponds

  • Repairs to Surplus to Kunta

  • Seed Support pdf_icon.gif

  • Consolidation Earthen Bund

  • Silt Application

  • Vermi Compost

  • Plantation & Singling

  • Earthen bunding pdf_icon.gif
  • Gully checks pdf_icon.gif
  • Cattle Trough

  • Livelihood Support

Trainings Conducted
  • Farmers Training

  • Marketing & Management for selected leaders

  • Leadership training for selected leaders

  • Staff & Community leaders training on  PME

Outcome The Programme has been successfully Implemented