Women Rights


Name of Programme

Women Rights

Goals To Empower women
Target Area

Downtrodden women of the District

Activities Takenup
  • Celebration of Women's day
  • As a Joint Action Programme and in solidarity with other women organisations in the district VANA is celebrating International Women’s Day in the month of March every year.
  • In March 2003 VANA invited the Megasessey Award winner and noted social activists for “Right to Information” Ms. Arundathi Roy, from Rajasthan as the main speaker on the occasion
  • Nearly 5000 sangha women from the member organisations of VANA and other civil society organisations attended the meeting.  
  • Nearly 220 Sangha women from Rolla, Agali and Madakasira mandals from CRSD field area attended the meeting
  • The district collector Sri B. Rajasekhar, I.A.S., who was the chief guest of the meeting assured the members that every Monday will be the “grievance day” at Collectorate to receive the memorandums from the general public and also to resolve their issues
Outcome of the Project

All the sangha members felt happy to attend the meeting