Child Rights



Name of Programme

Child Rights


Bringing down the Dropout Percentage

Target Area Madakasira and Rolla two Remote Mandals in Anantapur District
  • Teaching Alphabets through word method
  • Trainings and Review Meetings for Evening Tuition Volunteers / Teachers

  • Running Tuition Centres

  • Cultural and Art Camps to encourage the creative skills in children

  • Good Books for children through Libraries
  • Hygiene sessions in government schools

  • Coaching for 7th class children to ensure that they clear the board exams

  • Special coaching for 10th class students

  • Exposure visit and trainings

  • Creating Model Child Friendly Schools

  • Children’s Magazine: Bala Sangham

  • Parents and Teachers Meeting

  • Bridge Course – 2005

Outcome of the Programme

CRSD was successful in continuing the school education to many more school dropouts we were successful in educating the parents about the child's right to be educated.