Livelihood Rights

Name of Programme

Livelihood Rights


Providing Livelihood for the Rural Poor

Target Area Madakasira and Rolla two remote mandals in Anantapur District
  • Livelihood Activity - Goat rearing
  • Skills Training - Agarbatti Making Training
  • Training on Grain Bank & Land Lease & Productivity
  • Veterinary Health Camp
  • Awareness Camp On Animal Diseases
  • Documentation – Photos, video, case studies
  • Publication of  Book on RWDP experience
    An excellent book called “Mana Bhoomi – Mana Neeru” meaning ‘Our Land – Our Water’ was published this year based on our eight years RWDP experience in A.R. Roppam Watershed. 
Outcome of the Programme
  • In E. Ramagiri village the sangha members purchased a goat each with the revolving fund.  Each member took Rs.1000/- loan each.  Now after four months, four members have kids from the goat mother.  So the value of the assets owned by investing Rs.1000/- is already Rs.2000/-.  That means it has doubled in four months. 

  • 25 women were taken in batches to a adjacent village and trained in the homes of the experienced women workers.  Now after several weeks 60 percent of the women trained are continuing to earn a livelihood from agarbatti making.

  • 29 self help group members have been benefitted by the Grain bank training

    A total of 599 sheep and goats, 41 cows, 79 buffalos were treated during the Veterinary Health Camp